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Hi Kids!

Sparky wants you to be safe!
Here is an important list Sparky made for you to help prevent and stay safe during a fire.

  • Sparky says to STOP DROP and ROLL if you are on fire!

  • Sparky says don't play with matchs or lighters!

  • Sparky says to have 2 ways out of your bedroom!

  • Sparky says to check your smoke detector every month!

  • Sparky says to practice your escape plan twice a year!

  • Sparky says to GET OUT and STAY OUT if your house's on fire!

  • Sparky says to wear your bicycle helmet!

  • Sparky says to call 9-1-1 in an emergency!

  • Sparky says to know your address and phone number!

  • Sparky wants everyone to be safe!